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Kids Corner

We treat children of all ages in our practice. We even built for the kids a separate waiting room at our Bloomington office. It has a game table and television ( always on Nickelodeon! ) to make the kids more comfortable and their visit with us more enjoyable.

We maintain the same philosophy of restorative excellence and proactive care with the children as we do with our adult patients. Our sealants placed on the chewing surfaces of the back teeth can mostly eliminate decay in those areas. When fillings are needed, we use conservative preparation techniques and tooth colored composite resin materials to restore the cavities.

We like to begin to see children at two or three years of age. When we can instill good oral hygiene and proper dietary habits at an early age, children have the best chance for a lifetime of healthy teeth. With our evaluation of their oral and facial development as a child grows, we can determine if and when orthodontics is needed and if any other intervention is necessary to provide for the child a healthy and beautiful smile.

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