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At Holmes Dental Associates, we are committed to providing our patients with excellence and comprehensive dental care.

From routine cleanings to the most complex dental problems, we have the experience and expertise necessary to ensure quality care for you and your family. Although we provide complete dental care and are a family practice, we are well known for our incredible Smile Makeovers and our treatment of TMJ disorders.

We have offices that are conveniently located in Bloomington, Decatur, and Farmer City, Illinois. Our highly trained doctors and staff will personalize your care in an environment of comfort and trust.

teeth whitening

A beautiful smile is your ultimate accessory for a more healthy, youthful and confident appearance. Schedule a cosmetic consult with us and let us show you how we can blend science and art to give you the smile you have always dreamed about.

Dr. Holmes is trained in the diagnosis and treatment of TMJ disorders. Clicking and popping joints, headaches, uneven bite, worn teeth and locking jaw are common symptoms of a TMJ problem.
Botox...No More Headaches!

We use Botox in our treatment of TMJ headache pain. You could be a candidate for this remarkable option if you constantly clench your teeth or if you have to take medications for your muscle headache.

CEREC Crowns in one appointment!